LCP lawn care caters to residential homeowners in Kaufman area, and we do that EXTREMELY well. Our attention is fully dedicated to you, the residential homeowner, and we are committed to providing you with a level of convenience and customer service you have never experienced from a lawn company

There’s a reason you see our trucks everywhere… Because so many clients LOVE us. Check us out on Google Reviews. Check us out on Facebook. If you are a homeowner in the Kaufman  area, there is simply not a better choice than LCP lawn care.

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LCP Lawn Care has extensive experience of working both directly with Boards and HOA Offices, and of working through property management companies. We currently manage programs which are ‘common grounds only’ and programs for ‘maintenance included’ communities. We know that Presidents and Chairs of Landscape Committees rely on excellent communication from their contractors.


Want to find out a little more about your lawn? During a lawn survey, we will analyze your lawn through a range of metrics and point out any particular problem areas whilst explaining our findings… Oh, and we’ll also tell you how we can improve things for you

Commercial Multi Family and Residential Service

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Lawn Problems

Weeds & Moss

Weeds & Moss are a common problem in gardens throughout the world. If your lawn is not kept well fed and nourished then weeds will begin to develop


Speedwell can survive in all soil types but it particularly enjoys moist, nutrient-rich soils and can tolerate low mowing. It is important to remove clippings whilst…

Pests & Diseases

Unfortunately, your lawn is like many other garden plants and is just as prone to getting its fair share of unwanted pests & diseases


Unfortunately your lawn is like many other garden plants and is just as prone to getting its fair share of unwanted pests & diseases

Our Services


See the landscaping ideas and solutions we have brought to our Residential Clients through our creativity and expertise in Lawn Care; Landscape Design & Installation; Turf Preparation & Installation; Landscape Maintenance & Seasonal Color


Your landscaping company should help sell your community through its work, approach and appearance. See how we help lease apartments and raise asset values for our Multi-Family Clients through image-enhancing Lawn Care; Landscape Design, Installation & Maintenance;

HOA & Condominium

We take responsibility for communication, confirming site-visit goals with our clients and satisfaction after the fact. See how our understanding of HOA & Condo Client landscaping needs leads to greater owner satisfaction for our Association Management Company Clients.


Beautiful landscapes aren’t one-off ‘create and forgets’ – it takes constant care to keep your outdoor space looking wonderful throughout the year. LCP LAWNCARE has a dedicated, experienced team of maintenance professionals on hand to provide you with a personalized and consistent service

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